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Blinked Contact Center | That’s hardly up for debate he was a consensus first

That’s hardly up for debate he was a consensus first

That’s hardly up for debate he was a consensus first

Translation: the fact that Beckham bleaches his hair and doesn have big muscles puts his heterosexuality in doubt, which is why he gets called a faggot all the time. He hinted that a photo of Beckham embracing a former LSU teammate may have triggered rumors of his homosexuality, then went on to elaborate that Beckham kind of actually happy about it, because all the girls he messing around with weren fighting with each other anymore. But football is, and always has been, a cult of hyper masculinity.

To determine how the workplace culture is changing, I also asked these three employees about tackling various tasks and company training options. In the area of attempting to tackle any task assigned, all three said they do try but often don’t finish the job if they don’t understand it; and only finish it if asked why it’s not complete. When asked if employees liked their teams and co workers, all three offered complaints.

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